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What TSPE Does for Its Members

TSPE and NSPE promote and protect the profession and represent all disciplines of engineering. TSPE is active at the state level advocating the interests of engineers before the Tennessee General Assembly and the State Board of Architects and Engineers in addition to other programs at the state and local levels. Here are several examples:

•  TSPE coordinates a statewide math competition for 6th - 8th graders, with funding from the TN Engineering Foundation (MATHCOUNTS)

•  TSPE promotes the licensure of engineering graduates and offers PE exam review classes

• TSPE blocked legislation to allow engineering technology graduates to sit for the PE exam.

•  TSPE passed legislation to allow engineers and architects to provide construction management services for public schools and correctional facilities.

•  TSPE and NSPE provide information about what is going on in the profession through their publications

•  TSPE got legislation amended that would have exempted signs from the requirement that an engineer or architect must prepare plans and specifications; we worked with sponsors to develop a reasonable threshold for signs that do not need to be designed by engineers.

•  TSPE allows you to network with other engineers – across all disciplines and all levels of experience, with local officials and educators, those in industry and the private sector

•  TSPE fought legislation to increase the $25,000 threshold for public works projects that must be designed by an architect or engineer to $150,000. We reached agreement to limit the bill to state parks to address the sponsor’s concerns while still protecting public safety.

•  TSPE passed legislation to enable the State Fire Marshal in the Department of Commerce and Insurance to create a dispute resolution process to speed up action on differences between the State Fire Marshal and engineers and architects

•  NSPE offers members 15 professional development hours free.

• TSPE successfully fought legislation requiring designers of state projects to estimate the annual BTU consumption during design development, and encouraging contractors to consider alternative designs to reduce energy consumption.

•  TSPE and NSPE provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and enhance your career.

• TSPE blocked legislation that would remove the requirement that an engineer or architect prepare plans for renovation of an existing building, no matter what size

For more information about what TSPE does, please contact Candy Toler or Judy Logue ( at 615.242.2486


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