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Thank to all our 2017 MATHCOUNTS Sponsors and Volunteers! For all the highlights and to view the 2017 State Team and all the winners, click here!

2016 MATHCOUNTS Competition Highlights

2015 MATHCOUNTS Competition Highlights


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2017-2018 Tennessee State and Chapter   Coordinators


Coordinator's Contact Information

Date of Competition

State Coordinator


Jake Greear, PE
McGill Associates
2240 Southerland Ave., Ste. 2
Knoxville, TN 37919

Mar 17

TN Engineering Center

800 Fort Negley Blvd.



Chattanooga Chapter Coordinator


Jeffrey H. Parris, PE
2542 McKaig Rd.

Trenton, GA 30752

Feb. 17

Location TBA




Knoxville Chapter



Dr. Chris Cox
University of Tennessee
Dept of Civil & Environmental Eng.

325 John D. Tickle Buidling

Knoxville, TN 37996-2313

Feb. 24


405 John D. Tickle Bldg.




Lakeway Chapter



Jeremiah Davis, PE
Amec Foster Wheeler

2030 Falling Waters Rd., Ste. 300

Knoxville, TN  37922




Memphis Chapter



Drake Danley, P.E.
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

6625 Lenox Park Drive, Suite 117
Memphis, Tennessee 38115
Office: (901) 374-9109

Fax: (901) 374-9111   

Feb. 3

SW TN Community College - Macon Rd. Campus



Nashville Chapter


Nitaya Chayangkura, PE

Alfred Benesch & Co.

8 Cadillac Dr., Ste. 250
Brentwood, TN 37027


Feb. 10

TN Engineering Center

800 Fort Negley Blvd.



Tullahoma Chapter Coordinator


Harry Clark, PE, F.NSPE
4115 E Roarks Cove

Decherd, TN 37324
(931) 454-4495

Feb. 3

UT Space Institute



Upper East Chapter Coordinator


Brandon Stevens

Eastman Chemical Co.
P. O. Box 511
Kingsport, TN  37662

Feb. 10

Regional Ctr for Advanced Mfg.




State Assistant

Judy Logue
TN Society of Professional Engineers
800 Fort Negley Boulevard
Nashville, TN  37203

(Fax: 615-254-1923)




The MATHCOUNTS Competition Program


The MATHCOUNTS Competition Program provides the extra incentive and the perfect atmosphere for students to push themselves to achieve more in mathematics.  Consisting of fun and creative problems, the MATHCOUNTS competitions have written and oral rounds, as well as individual and team components.  Though challenging and non-routine, the competition problems focus on the 6th through 8th grade standards of the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics.


MATHCOUNTS provided the materials for teachers and students to use as they prepare for the competition series.  Participants then advance through School, Chapter and State Competitions until the final 228 students are selected from fifty-seven states and territories to advance to the Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition held each May.  The National Competition adds an additional individual component called the Master's Round.


For more information, visit our Competition Program section at

The MATHCOUNTS Club Program


Often referred to as the MCP, the MATHCOUNTS Club Program was introduced in 2007 for our 25th anniversary year.  The MCP is a fun, challenging and FREE program aimed at engaging a wide spectrum of students.  The MATHCOUNTS Club Program provides schools with the structure and activities to hold regular meetings of a math club. Depending on the level of student and teacher involvement, a school may receive a recognition plaque or banner and be entered into drawings for prizes. For more information, visit our Club Program section of the web site. 


MATHCOUNTS Reel Math Challenge

Sponsored in part by the Department of Defense, the Reel Math Challenge is an innovative program involving teams of students using cutting-edge technology to create videos about math problems and their associated concepts.

This new competition is meant to excite students about math while allowing them to hone their creativity and communication skills. Students will form teams consisting of four students each to create a video based on one of the problems included in the
MATHCOUNTS School Handbook, published each year and distributed free of charge to every middle school in the country. Each video must teach the solution to the selected math problem as well as demonstrate the real-world application of the math concept used in the problem.  For more information, visit, the MATHCOUNTS Reel Math Challenge page.

Here are some web sites that may assist in preparing for the MATHCOUNTS competition program:






The first site has more than 500 problems that can help the students prepare for the MATHCOUNTS competition.

The second site can be used by advanced students to see if they are ready to take Calculus or College Algebra. It also has many Trigonometry problems. This site is still growing and more problems will be added in the future.

The third site has links to to the first two sites and has many tests in mathematics and vocabulary. It has also many drills to prepare for the SAT (Math, English,Vocabulary).

In all the math tests, solutions ar
e provided and the problems are given each time with may be different parameters.



MATHCOUNTS heightens student interest in mathematics by making math achievement as challenging, exciting and prestigious as a school sport.  At the beginning of each school year, the MATHCOUNTS Foundation distributes, free of charge, its School Handbook and other materials to every middle school. Teachers and volunteers use these materials to coach student "mathletes," either as part of in-class instruction or as an extracurricular activity.


Business and industry partners provide schools with coaches for the Mathletes® and assist in coordinating competitions. They also host local MATHCOUNTS activities, such as workshops for teachers, minority outreach programs and public awareness events to encourage participation and promote the importance of mathematics. The MATHCOUNTS competitions are organized at four levels: school, chapter, state and national. Throughout the school year, coaches work with students on the School Handbook problems.


MATHCOUNTS is pleased to bring back the MATHCOUNTS Club Program for its second year.  This newer program may be used by schools as a stand-alone program or incorporated into the student preparation for the competition series.


The MATHCOUNTS Club Program provides schools with the structure and activities to hold regular meetings of a math club.  Depending on the level of student and teacher involvement, a school may receive a recognition plaque or banner and be entered into a drawing for prizes.  For further details on this exciting  program visit the Club Section.


MATHCOUNTS also has an active alumni program encouraging past participants to continue their involvement in the program. Alumni return to the program to coach school teams, help review program materials, volunteer at competitions and serve as role models for current Mathletes®.


In December, coaches receive the school competition by mail, and it is administered by coaches in early January. The school competition can be used to assist a coach in determining which four students from the school will proceed to the chapter competition. The chapter competitions are held at sites across Tennessee in February. From the chapter competitions, the top teams and individuals (how many is decided by the state coordinator) progress to the state competition in Nashville in March. From the state competition, the four top-scoring individuals and the top team coach receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2017 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Championship. Location TBA.


At all levels of competition, mathletes build self-confidence and math skills, as well as win prizes.

How many students participate?


Nationally nearly 6,000 schools register to participate annually from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories and State Department and Dept. of Defense schools worldwide. On average, more than 350,000 students participate in MATHCOUNTS activities each year at the school level. Nearly 28,000 students from all 50 states, U.S. territories and the State and Defense Department school systems worldwide participate annually in local MATHCOUNTS competitions.



  • MATHCOUNTS motivates and rewards students by fostering teamwork and a competitive spirit.

  • MATHCOUNTS is more than a competition. It involves students and teachers in year-long coaching sessions and helps students at all levels improve their problem-solving skills.

  • MATHCOUNTS builds math skills, promotes logical thinking and sharpens students' analytical abilities.

  • MATHCOUNTS provides America's middle school teachers with creative, state-of-the-art curriculum materials, free of charge.

  • MATHCOUNTS introduces students to math-related careers through contacts with engineers and other professionals who serve as volunteers.

·      MATHCOUNTS is educator-driven. Materials and activities are structured to meet student  needs, as identified by educators. Members of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) develop these materials in accordance with NCTM curriculum standards.

How Do I Get Involved?


It's a snap to get involved in MATHCOUNTS®. Whether you'd like to start a school coaching program, register for the competition, or volunteer to help conduct a local program, MATHCOUNTS welcomes your involvement. Visit one of the following areas for more information on your particular interest:



Coaching a MATHCOUNTS team not only helps students by stimulating their interest in mathematics, it also provides some tangible benefits for a coach.

Volunteer with MATHCOUNTS

MATHCOUNTS provides a unique opportunity for you to play an integral role in preparing students to enter the workforce equipped with enhanced mathematical skills. Individuals learn that mathematics can be a challenging, fun and rewarding activity.


Help MATHCOUNTS make this worthwhile program available to all middle school students across the United States. MATHCOUNTS will turn your time and your dollars into program-wide support, giving over 500,000 students the opportunity to excel in mathematics.


To help conduct a local program, which may include visiting your neighborhood school to encourage participation, coaching a school team, serving as a proctor or scorer, or serving on a committee to organize a MATHCOUNTS program, please contact the Tennessee State Coordinator, Jake Greear at 865-540-0801 or  Judy Logue at 615-242-2486 or one of the  local Chapter Coordinators listed above.

Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers
Tennessee Engineering Center  •  800 Fort Negley Boulevard  •  Nashville, TN 37203
615-242-2486  •  Fax 615-254-1923  •